Connect to an Account

Users need the login (account number) and password to enter their trading account and start working with the platform. The trading platform offers to use two types of passwords: investor and master. The investor password allows users to review the account status, analyze the market prices and set up their own Expert Advisors. However, investor access does not allow users to trade. The master password gives traders all rights to operate the account.

There is an extended authentication option using SSL certificates on the trading platform.

Press on the "terminal login Login to Trade Account" button located in the File menu or in the Navigator section.

The “Login” window will open. Enter the following data:
  • Login — the account number to get connected to the platform.
  • Password — the investor or master password.
  • Server — server to get connected to. The server can be specified manually. For this purpose, users should enter the IP address and port number as [server number]:[port number]. For example,

Enabling the "Save password" option allows users to get automatically connected to the server. Another way to make the same settings is to enable the "Keep personal settings and data at startup" function in the platform settings

When users enter the required data, they should press on the "OK" button to connect to the server and start working with the account.

Forced Change of Password

The trading platform may offer a user to change the master password after the authorization. The trade server administrator can switch on the forced change of password. This function helps raise safety.

User needs to enter the new password and then confirm it by entering it again. The password should fulfill the following requirements:
  • It must consist of the required number of characters.
  • It must contain at least two of three types of characters: digits, upper or lower case.
  • It must differ from the previous password.

If the user changes the master password forcedly, the investor password should be reset as well. Users can set the new investor password in the platform settings.